The ​Spiral Design

​A New Teaching Method

Running throughout all the Books of OneTrueWisdom, The Spiral Design is a structured system of layering, repetition and expansion ​that assists in making one’s journey into Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment straight forward and easy.

The Insights and Wisdom presented ​are always new, but the layering, repetition and expansion continuously build on what was laid down previously and create a spiritual teaching and delivery system that not only shares Wisdom, but also reinforces Complete understanding, comprehension, application and mastery.

Think of a spring that’s in the form a tube or vortex.  It has a spiral shape, and every time it spirals around, it “overlaps” the previous turn while still expanding and moving forward on its overall path.  Similarly, this is the way of The Spiral.

​​The Spiral Design ​provides these key benefits:

  • ​It allows all the Wisdom in all the Books to be tied together
  • skyatlas
    ​It ensures no Wisdom is missed, overlooked or forgotten
  • ​It allows for versatility:
  • The Books and their Insights can be read in any order or simply from beginning to end
  • ​The Books can be read one at a time, or alternatively, ​different ​Insights in either a single Book, in Books within a Series or in Books across different Series can be combined in infinite ways for a more intricate and deeper Understanding
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    ​It can accommodate an Infinite number of unique, individual Paths due to the versatility choices and unlimited combining possibilities ​outlined above
  • ​It allows every individual to move at their own pace and simply read the specific Books that are a Custom Fit to their own Unique Path

​With The Spiral, it's all about you and your individual Relationship and Communication with the Divine.

​Let The Spiral Design support you in your daily experience and overall Path
by including the Books of OneTrueWisdom on your Journey today.

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