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​The Spiral Design... 

​A New Spiritual Teaching ​System: 

Running throughout all the Books of OneTrueWisdom, The Spiral Design is a structured system of layering, repetition and expansion ​that assists in making one’s journey into Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment straight forward and easy.  

The Insights and Wisdom presented ​are always new, but the layering, repetition and expansion continuously build on what was laid down previously and create a spiritual teaching and delivery system that not only shares Wisdom, but also reinforces Complete understanding, comprehension, application and mastery.

Think of a spring that’s in the ​shape of a ​vortex.  Every time ​a layer of the spring spirals around, it “overlaps” the previous turn while still expanding and moving forward on its overall path.  Similarly, this is the way of The Spiral.

​​The Spiral Design ​provides these key benefits:

  • ​It allows all the Wisdom in all the Books to be tied together
  • ​It ensures no Wisdom is missed, overlooked or forgotten
  • ​It allows for versatility:
  • The Books and their Insights can be read in any order or simply from beginning to end
  • ​The Books can be read one at a time, or alternatively, ​different ​Insights in either a single Book, in Books within a Series or in Books across different Series can be combined in infinite ways for a more intricate and deeper Understanding
  • ​It can accommodate an Infinite number of unique, individual Paths due to the versatility choices and unlimited combining possibilities ​outlined above
  • ​It allows every individual to move at their own pace and simply read the specific Books that are a Custom Fit to their own Unique Path

​With The Spiral, it's all about you and your individual Relationship and Communication with the Divine.

Begin Your Journey Today with the Insights Series!...

Insights for Awakening & Enlightenment - Book 1

Wisdom for Easy Enlightenment, Self-Empowerment & True Life Change​

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