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    ​We typically only send 1 or 2 emails a month ​that keep you up to date on all things OneTrueWisdom - from book news to interesting things we're sharing on the website... plus some exclusives we share only via email. (see below for details)
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    ​The only exceptions to the 1 or 2 emails/month are ​in the first two weeks after you ​sign up as we get you integrated into the regular email flow (you might receive two emails during those two weeks).  The other is ​​​around the time of book releases and OneTrueWisdom events... but since you're an OTW fan, we're guessing you'll be just as excited about those things as we are! :)  And even then, we still promise to respect your inbox.

​Each email ​is an easy-to-scan digest containing ​one or more of the following:

  • ​Words of Wisdom - a ​bite-sized snippet of Wisdom for your Enlightenment 
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    ​Resource Library Updates ​- a notification when we add new goodies to the Free Resource Library
  • ​Blog News - links to new and helpful OneTrueWisdom blog posts
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    ​OTW News - news about book releases and other exciting OneTrueWisdom events
  • ​Shared Wisdom - a "check ​thi​​​​s out" note when we come across something Wisdom-related ​or really cool that we think you might find useful or beneficial

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