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​We are big believers in The Golden Rule at OneTrueWisdom, which means we treat our site visitors like we wish to be treated.

We respect your privacy and do not share your personal data with third parties.  Nor do we do anything weird with it.

The only personally identifiable data we collect is the email address you use when signing up to our mailing list, and the only thing we use that for is sharing our OneTrueWisdom emails.  You can review the details of what we send in our emails on the See What We Send page.

Rest assured you are safe within the OneTrueWisdom community, and that includes using this site and ​signing up for our emails.

If anything changes with our data policy, it will be updated here.  This may happen at any time, but even ​if it does, our practice of The Golden Rule will remain in effect.  By using this site and/or signing up for our emails, you agree to these terms and ​acknowledge the respect we have for you and your privacy.

All of God's Best to you,