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Natural Supplements for Staying Active in Our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s

Just because we might be getting older and our bodies may seem to not want to perform the way they did in our twenties and thirties, ​it doesn’t mean we have to give up our passions for whatever sort of physical activity we love to do.  It ​simply means we ​need to give our 40+ bodies what our twenty and thirty year old bodies once had in abundant supply.

This article discusses ​natural supplements for staying active as we age, and also offers links to reputable products that can assist us with these efforts.

After all, “aging” isn’t necessarily about the body wearing out, it just means ​the body essentially becomes less efficient in repairing the same sort of damage ​we experienced in our youth.  

​But with smart supplementation we can provide the nutrients the body needs to become more efficient again, thus helping us with staying active and continuing to do the physical activities we love.

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​About the Author
In addition to having a degree in biology, I also managed supplement stores for 7 years.  The former taught me how the body works and what it needs, and the latter provided the knowledge of what supplements help supply the body with what it needs in order to promote and restore balance or maintain a certain level of performance.
​My target audience for articles such as this ​is regular, average-joe people, so I ​try to keep things easy to understand by giving simple explanations of ​information and ​concepts, while keeping the technical jargon to a minimum.

​Two important notes about supplements before we begin: 

1)  It’s not necessary to use all the types products discussed in this article, although you can.  (I ​have.)  My recommendation is to make a note of the ones that really speak to you or jump out at you, and start with those.  You can always add the others later.

2)  In the world of supplements, the brands you choose to use are very important.  Unfortunately there are a lot of questionable brands out there who use cheap ingredients sourced from disreputable suppliers known for having purity issues.  However, it’s easy to avoid this pitfall by purchasing only reputable, trustworthy brands.  So, all the brands I recommend in this article are high-quality ​companies with reputations you can trust.

​Learn What You Need to Know About Supplements

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​Supplements for Endurance and Muscle ​Strength


Electrolytes are good if you're sweating a lot or are outside sweating in the sun all day or doing endurance-based activities like marathons (or if you have diarrhea) because these instances are the main ways the body loses electrolytes. In general, electrolytes help you stay hydrated, which is important because dehydration can lead to an overall feeling of fatigue.  

An easy way to incorporate electrolytes into your activity is to use a powder form and add ​it straight to your water.  Two good brands for powdered electrolytes are EmergenC Hydration Electrolyte Replenishment and Propel Electrolytes.  If you prefer pills, Trace Mineral Research Electrolyte Stamina is a good ​product as well.

​But even though electrolytes ​play a role in getting the muscles to move, they aren't what actually fuel the muscle cells themselves.

When muscles are doing work during activity, there are a few key amino acids they use to help power themselves during that activity: branch chain amino acids and glutamine.

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's)

BCAA’s are a combination of 3 specific amino acids that muscles require for fueling activity. When muscles feel weak or fatigued during activity, it's because they are essentially running out of BCAA's to burn for fuel, and without them in good supply ​the body will start breaking down muscle tissue to use as fuel instead.

So by supplying extra BCAA's, you're both providing fuel the muscles need for sustaining the activity and also keeping your muscle tissue from being used as fuel (which leads to fatigue).  If you’ve ever “felt the burn” or had your muscles feel “jello-y” after activity, this means you’ve entered into a state known as catabolism, where your muscles are being broken down for fuel.

For BCAA's you have several good options:

Optimum Nutrition Train & Recover supplies the normal 5 grams of BCAAs, plus herbs, vitamins and a small amount of electrolytes to help with endurance.  It comes in four flavors.

If you prefer a BCAA product without the extra goodies, Muscle Pharm BCAA and Optimum Nutrition BCAA are good choices and come in several flavors.  If you prefer an unflavored, unsweetened product, Optimum Nutrition BCAA unflavored is the one I use.


Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids in the body, and its levels naturally decline as we age. Glutamine is also fuel for the muscles during ​activity. When you're muscles feel "jello-y" or fatigued and sore, it's because your body has burned through your glutamine and BCAA stores and is breaking down muscle tissue to balance out the deficit.

(This is not something you want to have happen during ​activity because it's counter-productive.)

Having an ample supply of glutamine and BCAA's available helps keep your muscles from hitting the point of being fatigued, and the purpose of supplying ​these amino acids via supplements is to prolong the amount of time and amount of activity you can do before reaching that point of tissue breakdown and fatigue - or, ideally, eliminating that point all together.

​For glutamine, some good brands are NutraBio, Optimum Nutrition, Doctor's Best and Natural Factors (to give you a choice in case one is out of stock).

​Tips for Best Results with BCAAs & Glutamine

1) BCAA’s don’t dissolve in water very well and tend to end up being clumpy because of this. So, a little trick I use is to add a tablespoon or two of water to the powder, mix it up really good, and then add the rest of the water.

2) If during ​the ​activity, ​your legs start to feel a little "jello-y" or tired / out of gas, you can take another dose at that time. 

3) ​You can also take them later in the day and even the next day if your legs feel "jello-y" or sore or stiff.  Just wait about 10 minutes before eating anything in order to give the aminos time to be absorbed into your blood stream and sent straight to your muscles.

​Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALC)

​Benefits muscle and brain performance - bonus!

Acetyl L-Carnitine (or ALC), a derivative of the amino acid carnitine, is naturally produced in the body but its levels decline as we age.  ALC has many roles in the body, but in keeping with the theme of this article, it delivers fats into the cells to be burned as fuel.  This helps with muscle performance, of course, and it can help with fat burning as well.  (Note that we are not talking about crazy fat burning like with stimulant products, but it still helps with mild fat burning none the less.) 

​Healthy Fats Fact

The metabolic process of burning fats for fuel supplies the body with more available calories (units of energy that support activity) than the burning of proteins does.  This is one of the reasons why supplying the body with healthy fats from olive oil, avocados, etc. is useful, especially for those who like to be active.  And it also helps ​with saving your muscles from being broken down and used as fuel during activity.

See the Helpful Protein Supplementation Tip ​below for ideas on incorporating more healthy fats into your daily routine.

ALC also protects against oxidative stress (the creation of cellular toxins that occurs during activity) and increases the performance-enhancing effects of BCAA’s.  So it pairs well with the BCAA products discussed above.

Another anti-aging benefit of ALC is that it supports the brain and nervous system and promotes improved memory and concentration.  In fact, it’s even known to be helpful with some Alzhiemer’s patients.

Good brands for Acetyl L-Carnitine include: NutraBio, Jarrow and Doctor's Best.  Each comes in at least two sizes.

​Tip For Vegetarians

Vegetarians are often deficient in Acetyl L-Carnitine because it’s mainly found in meat, especially red meat.  So supplementation of this nutrient can be very helpful.

​Supplements to Help with Getting Enough Protein

Being sure we get enough protein in our diets is important for anyone because the body is essentially made up of proteins, all the way down to the cellular level.  And if we’re not supplying enough of it through our diets, the body will start “eating itself” – or becoming catabolic – to get ​​what it needs for supplying critical functions.  Most often, this means breaking down muscle tissue as a source of proteins and amino acids.

The various proteins in the body are made up of amino acids that are combined together in specific ways.  When we ingest protein, the body breaks it down into the individual amino acids and then recombines those amino acids in different ways to synthesize whatever proteins are needed at the time.  All cells are made of proteins (and other nutrients): muscle cells, immune cells, organs, hair, and so much more!

For certain groups of people, like those who engage in rigorous physical activity (and also vegetarians), supplementation can be a good way of making sure the body’s protein needs are being fulfilled.  Protein supplementation is also helpful for those who are trying to lose weight or looking for low calorie snacks.

​Article for Vegetarians

I will be publishing an article on helpful supplements for vegetarians to avoid common deficiencies.  

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Protein powders generally come from whey, egg, rice, soy or peas and simply provide you with a concentrated source of protein.  For instance, a glass of milk contains about 8g of protein, compared to a serving of ​whey which typically contains 24g of protein.  In general, whey proteins will be less expensive per serving and plant proteins will be more expensive per serving.

Everyone’s needs for protein are different, and when we’re physically active we need a little more.  (Body builders and athletes need a lot more, but this article is for regular people doing regular people activity.)  In general, 20 to 24g is a good serving amount ​of protein ​for active women.  And active men can do as much as 30 to 40g per serving.

Helpful Protein Supplementation Tip

​Adding a​ tablespoon of olive oil to protein powder not only provides a source of healthy fats, but also helps to slow down the digestion of the protein.  This works to keep you satiated longer and it gives the body more time to utilize the protein for muscle building and cellular repair.

​If mixing by hand, for best results, the olive oil should be added to ​the powder and mixed in before adding your liquid of choice.​​  And to avoid having the oil make things clumpy, after mixing the powder and oil together, it ​​​works best to add ​a small amount of liquid, mix it well, then add the rest of your liquid.

If you’re a smoothie maker, you can use olive oil or avocados for your healthy fats boost, adding either one straight to the blender along with everything else.

​Whey Protein

Whey comes from milk and is the liquid part that’s left over during the cheese making process when the cheese curd is separated out.  (Think of little Miss Muffet eating her curds and whey.)  Cottage cheese still has some whey in it, which is why it’s liquidy.

The brand of protein powder I use is Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Natural 100% Whey.  I prefer the Natural Whey because it uses natural sweeteners instead of artificial sweeteners.  It comes in vanilla and chocolate, and also in a larger size with 68 servings.  The larger size tends to be a better deal and comes in strawberry too.

​If you need to avoid sugar, they also make a regular Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey that uses artificial sweeteners.  ​The small size comes in chocolate and vanilla.  There is a large size as well.

You may also see several specialized types of protein powders like Isolate, Hydro Whey and Blended that are useful for certain goals and instances.  But don’t get confused or sidetracked.  For beginners and average-joe’s, basic whey protein is a good place to start and all you really need.

​Confused About the Different Types of Proteins?

I will be publishing an article explaining the different types of specialized proteins, who needs them and when to use them.  

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Plant Based Proteins

For vegans, getting enough protein is very important in order to avoid the body “eating” its own muscle tissue (aka catabolism). And getting enough protein becomes even more important when you're active or engaging in physical activity. Fortunately, these days there are many vegan protein supplement options from high-quality brands.

For plant based proteins, I prefer pea protein because soy protein can have an effect on hormones (and can also cause gas), and rice can be constipating.  Most pea proteins seem to come in plain and vanilla flavor, but there are a few chocolate ones out there.  You can also add your own flavoring to them.

Here are some good options for Plant Based Protein Powders:

Optimum Nutrition Plant Based Protein
​This is a blend of organic pea, organic rice and organic sacha inchi proteins, along with ancient grains and organic pomegranate powder.  It comes in chocolate, vanilla and berry flavor.

Nature's Best Plant Based Protein
This is another plant blend by a reputable brand.  It's a blend of organic pea and organic rice proteins, and comes in chocolate, vanilla, berry and unflavored.

​​Two other plant protein blends that are very popular are Orgain and Plant Fusion.  Orgain comes in chocolate, vanilla and peanut butter.  Plant Fusion comes in chocolate, vanilla and red velvet.

For ​Pea Proteins that are not blended with other plant proteins:

Naturade Vegan Smart Pea Protein comes in vanilla.  It also comes in chocolate, but chocolate pea proteins ​tend to be crazy expensive.  The vanilla flavor comes in organic as well.  Another popular pea protein is Anthony's Premium Pea Protein, which is unflavored and unsweetened.  Unflavored powders work well for adding to other foods and for baking, but ​are not so tasty ​just mixing on ​their own.

If you prefer Rice Protein​:

Nutribiotic makes a good one that's organic, and it ​comes in unflavored too.

​Protein Powder Flavors Tip

Word of note on ​using plain flavor protein… I’ve been into health food since the 90’s, so I’m used to the “cardboard taste” of many health food products, but the plain flavor proteins are a bit tough to take on their own, even for me.  (They’re generally meant for baking with or adding to smoothies.)  Since I don’t do either, I end up adding maple syrup or matcha latte powder when I use the plain flavor proteins.

​Protein Snacks

Who doesn’t love snacks!  And when you’re on the go or trying to lose weight or staying away from high calorie deserts, or you’re a vegetarian looking for creative ways to get enough protein, high protein snacks can be a good option.

There are a lot of protein snacks out there that are geared for “the hard core body builder types," but for regular, average-joe’s Optimum Nutrition and Power Crunch are two brands that aren’t scary lol.  

(You may have noticed there are quite a few Optimum Nutrition brand products mentioned in this article.  This is because it's a high-quality, sport nutrition company ​that remembers ​that regular, non-body builder types of people like to be active too.)

For Savory Protein Snacks two popular options are:

Quest Protein Chips ​provide 18 to 20g of protein per bag, are baked, low calorie, low net carb and contain no weird ingredients that you can't pronounce.  They come in 4 flavors - Chili Lime, Nacho, Ranch and Taco.

Just the Cheese Crunchy Baked Snacks only provide 8g of protein per serving, but they're also simply baked cheese and no other ingredients.  They are low carb, low calorie and come in 3 flavors - Aged Cheddar, Grilled Cheese and Jalapeno.

For Sweet and Savory Protein Snacks:

Optimum Nutrition Protein Almond Snacks are grab & go packs of almonds dipped in a variety of coatings including dark chocolate truffle, cookies & cream, chocolate peanut butter and cinnamon roll.  They're low calorie, low sugar and each pack has 10g of protein.

For Sweet Protein Snacks:

Protein cookies are popular today, but they're often higher in calories than ​protein wafer bars, which are a lighter alternative.

Optimum Nutrition Wafer Bars are similar to those old-school wafer cookies from our youth.  These low carb dessert bars have 15g of protein and come in four flavors: chocolate, vanilla, mocha and chocolate raspberry.

Power Crunch Protein Bars are the original wafer dessert bars, and they’ve been around for a long time.  They have 13 to 14g of protein per bar and come in a wide variety of flavors and two sizes of boxes.  You'll be amazed at how tasty these are.

​Supplements for Supporting Healthy Joints (& More!)

A common complaint among anyone in their 40’s and beyond, whether they’re active or not, is having joint and inflammation issues - not to mention everyone's least favorite... wrinkles.  🙁

So here’s a list of some great products to ​help the body's joints with being able to stay active in the things we love to do, plus a few bonuses for those pesky wrinkles!

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

Supports joint health and anti-aging efforts

MSM is the mother of all anti-inflammatory nutrients and works very well in the body for helping with pain and joint repair. It also has significant anti-aging properties and is beneficial for the skin (anti-wrinkles), hair (anti-hair loss) and nails (strengthening). It's deficient in most foods because any kind of heating, cooking or processing destroys it. So as we age, we tend to become deficient in it.

When taking MSM, it's good to start with only 1000 mg (or less) for about 10 days because MSM also supports cellular detoxification, and if you over do it too quickly, all the toxins floating around on their way out of your body can cause you to feel a bit "yucky" until their gone.

You may even find you can take it just a few times a week depending on your needs.  Personally, I've seen significant results from taking only 600 mg of powder daily or just a few times a week. Everyone's needs are different though, so listen to what your body tells you.

In general, I prefer powders because they’re super cost effective and easily absorbed by the body. These links are for powders, but if you prefer pills you can look for capsules by these same brands.  Doctor's Best, Jarrow and HR Supplements


Benefits joints and skin

Proline is another amino acid that supports healthy joints and is beneficial for the skin too (promotes smoothness by boosting collagen levels). It also supports elasticity in healthy arterial walls - another bonus!

Proline has a sweet taste, so it's easy to do as a powder.  ​​NutraBio ​is a high quality brand that I've been using for over 10 years.

Important Note: Proline is a hygroscopic powder, which means it absorbs moisture from the air and tends to clump easily. This normal, and you just need to smash it up or scrape it with the scoop when this happens.

Amino Acid Tip

When it comes to amino acids, powders are typically best and capsules are second best. Try to stay away from tablets.

Cissus Quadrangularis

Supports joint health

Cissus is a perennial plant related to grapes, which supports improved joint function and bone health, among other things. When I was managing supplement stores, I had a customer tell me he was able to avoid having rotator cuff surgery after taking this product. This may not be the end result for everyone, but instances like this one are certainly possible.  In my personal experience with taking this product, I can say that it was very effective for me.

Cissus assists with getting healing nutrients into the joints - which generally have a poor blood supply because they're made of white connective tissue that has a limited capillary network.

A good course of action may be to try ​MSM first (see above), and if that isn't enough, try adding Cissus.

​In Case You Overdo It

Joint and Muscle Pain Relief

​Let’s face it, when we’re passionate about an activity we often tend to give our all and do as much as we can.  This means that as we “continue to progress in our years,” sore joints and muscles from overdoing it can be a little more common.

​T Relief

​T Relief is a homeopathic pain relief cream that supports the temporary relief of minor joint, back and muscle pain due to over exertion.  

It’s unscented and comes in 2 ounce and 4 ounce sizes, as well as being available in tablets.  It comes in regular strength and extra strength options.

I've used ​T Relief for many years and always keep it on hand for times when I overdo it.

​For Activities That Take You Outdoors

Many activities that we’re passionate about take place outside, and with outdoor activity comes sun exposure and bugs.

Reader Input Needed for Natural Sunscreens:

I haven’t yet decided on a natural sunscreen that ​I like enough to talk about in this article, so if you have a favorite, mention it the comments and I’ll check it out. ​I may even give it (and you) a shout out here!

Natural Relief for Sunburned Skin

If you happen to forget your sunscreen or miss a spot when applying it and get too much sun, an excellent product for soothing sunburned skin is Aubrey Organics Pure Aloe Vera.

Aubrey’s is an all-natural, 98% organic, liquid moisturizer that hydrates and soothes dry, rough or sun-stressed skin on contact.  Keeping it in the refrigerator helps to provide instant relief on sunburned skin, and it also comes in a convenient spray.

​I've been using Aubrey's for about 10 years, and it continues to be one of my favorite skin care products.  It can also be used as a very effective daily moisturizer, whether your skin is sun exposed or not. Plus it works nicely as an after-shaving moisturizer.

Natural ​Bug Repellent Lotion

Mosquito Armor Lotion Bar is an all-natural bug repellent lotion made by a woman I met at a farmer’s market in Montana.  Not only does the lotion have a nice, citrusy smell to it, but you can apply it as often as you need it.  Plus it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. 

She also makes a bug repellent soap in addition to a wide variety of other natural soaps for both men and women. 


Just because we’ve become “more seasoned with time” doesn’t necessarily mean we have to slow down or give up staying active.  Healthy aging is simply a matter of supplying the body with the key nutrients it needs to continue supporting physical activity and endurance.  And although supplementation is no magic cure, when done smartly it can have many positive benefits. 

​Always remember to be realistic with yourself as well.  ​Supplements are meant to add support to the body's natural functioning.  They are not meant to turn the clock back 20 years over night, so know your body's limits and current ability to perform, and stay within a healthy and manageable pace for you.

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Supplements Disclaimer...
This article is provided for educational purposes, and as with any supplements, if you have a medical condition, are pregnant, nursing or are taking ​​medications it's a good idea to check with your doctor, pharmacist or qualified health practitioner before taking ​supplements.  Be sure to check labels for warnings regarding taking certain products with certain conditions or medications.  Please refer to the full disclaimer located on our policies page.
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