​The Parallel Series (yet to be released)... 

With the Books of The Parallel Series, our Journey into Awakening and Spiritual Enlightenment goes deeper as we discuss the Principles of Wisdom in greater detail.

​Just like with The Insights Series, everything is still presented in easy-to-digest portions​, they’re simply delivered in slightly larger mouthfuls that further expand and deepen our understanding of Wisdom and of our Relationships with ourselves, our lives and with others... and also with the Divine.

As with all the Books of OneTrueWisdom, this series follows The Spiral Design​,​​​ so its books can be read in any order and combined with other OneTrueWisdom Books in any series for an even Deeper and more Expanded Journey into Enlightenment and Understanding.

Begin Your Journey Today with the Insights Series!...

Insights for Awakening & Enlightenment - Book 1

Wisdom for Easy Enlightenment, Self-Empowerment & True Life Change​

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