The Insights Series (on the way!)... 

Insights for Awakening & Enlightenment -
Wisdom for Easy Enlightenment, Self-Empowerment & True Life Change

In this first spiritual book series from OneTrueWisdom, the emphasis is on delivering Wisdom in a format of bite-sized pieces that are easy to digest and quickly move ​​through.  This helps to keep the Process of Enlightenment a lighter endeavor and something that’s ​exciting and enjoyable to stick with… therefore producing more beneficial, long term results.

The traditional layout and delivery style of conventional books can sometimes make Enlightenment seem a little overwhelming.  And in the fast paced world of today, the ​idea of having to commit time to finishing an entire book can often stop us from opening that book in the first place or sticking with it to the end.

But with the Insights Series, the focus is on bringing Clarity and Enlightenment without creating overwhelm.

In this series you will:

  • Be introduced to the ease, convenience and supportive nature of The Spiral Design
  • ​Begin or continue to Expand your journey into the Healing Waters of Awakening & Enlightenment
  • ​Be guided in uncovering the nuances of your psyche that are keeping you from Moving Forward or keeping you stuck in unnecessary cycles of pain and unhappiness
  • ​Expand your understanding of Life and Wisdom to further your Path
  • ​Enjoy the advantages of having the ​Wisdom delivered in a simple, easy to understand format that can be used as a stand-alone practice or as a complement to your current practice

Begin Your Journey Today with the Insights Series!...

Insights for Awakening & Enlightenment - Book 1

Wisdom for Easy Enlightenment, Self-Empowerment & True Life Change​

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