The ​2nd Parallel Serie​​​​​s (​yet to be released)

The 2nd Parallel Series is ​also my personal favorite.  I’ve always been a fan of the questions “why” and “how” – and that is all we're going to say for now about what ​is discussed in this series.

​As expected, the Books of the 2nd Parallel Series ​follow The Spiral Design​ as well​​​​​​​, however, the material is definitely a bit more “involved” so it can be a good idea to read certain sections two or three times before moving on.

The Wisdom is still presented in the customary OneTrueWisdom easy-to-digest format, it simply may need to be chewed on a little more in order to Receive its full benefit and to fully unlock the power of the Spiral when working with this Series.

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​Insights for Awakening & Enlightenment - Book 1

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