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A Prayer for Living in Alignment with God

We have the power to change our world (individually and globally) from one of disharmony and conflict to one of harmony and peace.  Pray for “working together and having what we need to bring about Peace in ourselves and therefore in the world we experience.”  And Ask for “things going right” instead of continuing to […]

Today’s Wisdom: Allowing True Happiness to Be

Allow yourself to be happy. Just simply allow it. When we’ve lived so long without knowing true happiness, when we’ve lived so long simply being “unhappy,” it’s because there is part of us that is very subtly (or perhaps not so subtly) resisting “happiness.” And if we are Resisting, we can not be Receiving. So […]

Today’s Wisdom: When Feeling at Your Lowest, Ask God for a Change in Perception

Feeling unloved, unwanted or unnecessary is an indication that we have fallen into the need for outward validation (that is, validation from others). What we need is a change in perception and to self-validate by choosing to know and Remember that we come from God, and that we are Good and we deserve Good. Whenever […]

Today’s Wisdom: Forward Progress and Taking Care of Our Needs

When we hold the dysfunctional Programming of not taking care of our own needs, it is often expressed as taking care of others’ needs instead of our own. Yet even in the absence of others’ needs, we can still express “not taking care of our own needs” by not committing to ourselves, or by not […]

Today’s Wisdom: The Key to Letting Go of the Past and Letting Ourselves Be New

The key to letting go and moving forward is accepting the past. And the key to accepting our past is knowing we are not that person anymore. Even if it has been only 5 minutes since we decided to change our ways and therefore our direction, with this simple change of Heart, all can be […]

Today’s Wisdom: We Are Exactly Who and What We Need to Be

There is no such thing as “good enough/not good enough.” There is only Good. In God’s eyes we are exactly as we are created to be, which is exactly what we are Needing to be. In God’s eyes we are exactly Perfect. In God’s eyes we are simply Good.