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Today’s Wisdom: Choose to Be God’s Love

In every moment we have free will and the choice of who and how we will Be. We can either choose to be Fear, or we can choose to be Love. And what we choose to be is Reflected in (and as) our experience of Life. Are you choosing to be Love and all that […]

Today’s Wisdom: The Grace in New Beginnings and in Being New

Whether we’re letting go of old habits, starting New habits or transforming our lives with New Programming, remember that we are walking on New legs. It’s okay to take it slow. It’s okay to be Gentle with yourself.  

Today’s Wisdom: Making Peace with the Past and Moving Forward

Accept your past and know that you are not that person anymore. Let yourself be New. Let it all go and start again in this moment.  

Today’s Wisdom: Accepting The Past and Creating “New” in the Now

We can not change who we were, but we can change who we are now and therefore who we will become. It can be a mental and emotional habit to hold on to “who and how we were” or “how it’s always been,” and it leads to believing ourselves to be stuck in a Life […]

Today’s Wisdom: Forward Progress and Taking Care of Our Needs

When we hold the dysfunctional Programming of not taking care of our own needs, it is often expressed as taking care of others’ needs instead of our own. Yet even in the absence of others’ needs, we can still express “not taking care of our own needs” by not committing to ourselves, or by not […]

Today’s Wisdom: The Key to Letting Go of the Past and Letting Ourselves Be New

The key to letting go and moving forward is accepting the past. And the key to accepting our past is knowing we are not that person anymore. Even if it has been only 5 minutes since we decided to change our ways and therefore our direction, with this simple change of Heart, all can be […]

Today’s Wisdom: We Are Exactly Who and What We Need to Be

There is no such thing as “good enough/not good enough.” There is only Good. In God’s eyes we are exactly as we are created to be, which is exactly what we are Needing to be. In God’s eyes we are exactly Perfect. In God’s eyes we are simply Good.