Book Updates

Shining Light 01Hi Everyone – long time fans & a special welcome to the hundreds of new fans as well…

I am happy to announce Daily Wisdom, Daily Insight ~ Book 1 ~ is coming soon!

The Book Project continues to evolve and go well! For the past few years I’ve been working on the drafts of a book series specifically designed for supporting all individuals in finding Wisdom that brings true Life change, creating Lasting Happiness and enjoying an individualized daily practice that is easy to stick with and is capable of providing an immediate sense of peace and feeling uplifted and supported on days when we are struggling.

Whether it’s full spiritual enlightenment we’re looking for or simply the ability to understand why our life is unfolding in the way that it is – and how we can all apply this understanding to creating a life experience that matches the desires of our Hearts – the Books of OneTrueWisdom are designed for both seasoned spiritualists looking to expand their practice and also for regular, every-day people looking for help, answers and true change in the sometimes crazy world we seem to live in.

For more on Daily Wisdom, Daily Insight ~ Book 1 ~ click here.

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