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Are Your TRUE Needs Being Met or Are You Secretly Settling For Less?

Woman on beach thinking about her life and her needs

Be very honest with yourself.  Are your true needs being met? Really and truly being met?  The ones deep in your Heart, those Quiet Desires that speak in a whisper and are easy to ignore or overlook due to the general loudness of other things in life – things that seem more demanding or more […]

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Natural Supplements for Staying Active in Our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s

Group of middle age men and women exercising and being active

Just because we might be getting older and our bodies may seem to not want to perform the way they did in our twenties and thirties, ​it doesn’t mean we have to give up our passions for whatever sort of physical activity we love to do.  It ​simply means we ​need to give our 40+ […]

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