About the Use of Capitalization

OneTrueWisdom often uses capitalization in unexpected places throughout sentences and paragraphs.

Sometimes it’s used ​to substitute the word for “God” itself.  For instance, instead of using the word God all the time, it can be more useful to the flow of a sentence to substitute another word and simply attribute its Divine intention with the use of capitalization (e.g. the words “Life” and “Universe" are common substitutes for the word “God” when presented with capitalization).

More often with OneTrueWisdom, the use of capitalization ​there to give an emphasis to the Divine nature of certain words or phrases, allowing them to stand out and be Seen in a New Light.  When presented in this manner, the words are meant to be understood as “being of God” - even though we may not be accustomed to thinking about ​those particular words in that particular way.  ​The use of capitalization in this regard helps with inspiring us to Look at, Understand and Think about the words, and the Concept they are portraying, in an entirely New Way - in a more Enlightened Way.

Though it may not be ​completely clear as presented in this context, it will make perfect sense as you begin reading any of the published works of OneTrueWisdom, in either the Books or on social media or in the materials found on this website or others.

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