About the Use of Capitalization... 

OneTrueWisdom often uses capitalization in unexpected places throughout sentences and paragraphs.  Here's a brief ​summary explaining why that is, with a more detailed description of ​four of the main uses of capitalization after the summary.


The use of capitalization is about getting us to See and Understand the words in a different way, in a New and more Enlightened Way.  And this, in return, helps us to See and Understand ​Life – and our Relationship with ​Life – in a different way as well... in a New and more Enlightened Way.

If, at any point, the use of capitalization causes you mental fatigue or confusion rather than Inspiration and Enlightenment, simply ignore it.  You will still gain Wisdom from understanding the words in their traditional context.  This is part of what makes The Spiral Design a fully inclusive and individualized Tool for all who use it.

​If the use of capitalization is still not ​completely clear after reading the details below, that's okay too.  It will make perfect sense as you begin ​using any of the published works of OneTrueWisdom - either the Books or on social media or in the materials found on this website.

A Little More Detail:

1) Sometimes it’s used ​as a substitute for the word ​“God” itself.  For instance, instead of using the word God all the time, it can be more useful to the flow of a sentence to substitute another word and simply attribute its Divine intention with the use of capitalization (e.g. the words “Life” and “Universe" are common substitutes for the word “God” when presented with capitalization).

2) Often times the use of capitalization ​is there to give an emphasis to the Divine nature of certain words or phrases, allowing them to stand out and be Seen in a New Light.  When presented in this manner, the words are meant to be understood as “being of God, associated with God or from God” - even though we may not be accustomed to thinking about ​those particular words in that particular way.  ​The use of capitalization in this regard helps with inspiring us to Look at, Understand and Think about the words, and the Concept they are portraying, in an entirely New Way - in a more Enlightened Way.​

For instance, to say “I am Trusting” is meant to be understood as: I am trusting God - or Life or the Universe, whichever speaks to you.  To say “I am Successful,” is meant to be understood as being God’s version or definition of success for you. ​

Side Note:  God's version of success for you is the same success of your Heart’s Desires and the same success you are Designed, or Meant, to achieve - because our true Heart’s Desires specifically communicate to us the Plan for our lives… which means all that we truly Desire is everything we are Meant to Have.  Keep in mind that God’s definition of success is different from Ego’s definition of success.  However, when we achieve God’s version of success for our lives, we are always Happy.  Whereas when we achieve Ego’s version of success, we experience being either Not Happy/Not Satisfied or the happiness we experience is Not Lasting.

​3) One very important aspect the capitalization gives is that of making certain words stand out, and another important aspect is to assign traditional words a somewhat different context than we may be used to attributing to them.  Both of these methods are used to help us to look at the words in a New Way - in a more Enlightened Way - and to bring an Expanded and increased degree of Understanding to them.

For example, ​OneTrueWisdom often capitalizes ​traditional words like Happiness, Pain, Strengths, Weaknesses, Receiving, Resistance, Not Happy/Not Satisfied, Not Lasting, etc. for a few reasons, but ​two of those reasons ​are ​to make them stand out ​and to get you thinking about them in more Enlightened Ways.

4)  ​This next explanation might be a little mind-melting or mind-blowing for some.  If it's too deep for you at this point in your Journey, not to worry.  When it comes to capitalization, simply go with whatever level of understanding you’re comfortable with and all of the Wisdom we share will still work for you – that’s part of the beauty of The Spiral Design.  And if you do find it a little mind-melting but would still like to have this depth of Understanding (and more), stick with OneTrueWisdom and we will easily get you there.

​​To understand the use of capitalization on an even deeper level, using our example of “I am Trusting,” we can elevate our Energy with this statement by thinking about the word Trusting as a noun instead of a verb.  This intensifies the meaning of ​its concept because we are understanding ourselves to be the Energy of Trusting itself (a thing/noun) in addition to the act of practicing trust (an action/verb).  In other words, everything is Energy and we are Understanding ourselves to specifically be the Energy of God expressed as the vibrational frequency of Trusting (as both a thing – the Energy – and a verb – the act or experience of ​trusting God/Life/the Universe).

​P.S.  You can find an additional discussion on the use of capitalization - as it specifically applies to the practicing of affirmations - in our ​free resource Affirmations for Health, Happiness & Prosperity:

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