About the OneTrueWisdom Philosophy... 

Many Paths. One Source. One, True Wisdom.  

​All of Life is Connected. No single Expression or Form of Life is better than another.  All of Life, and every Path, come from God.

When we study the philosophies of every Great Teacher and are willing to look with open minds, we see that although there may seem to be some differences, there are certain commonalities shared by each of them.  This is because every Spiritual Teacher who has ever existed has taught the same Wisdom (or various parts of it), each explaining it in different ways for the Purpose of bringing Greater Understanding.

All paths of Enlightenment lead to the same Place, and each of these Paths ​is created by God.  No one Path is better than another, they are simply different Paths that ultimately lead to the same Destination.  There are no wrong Paths, there are only different Paths.

The same can be said for life and individuals in general.  God created all of us.  Therefore, there are no wrong ways of being, only different ways of being.  To put this into context, it is simply Ego that says “you’re wrong,” whereas Spirit says “you’re different.”  Comparisons are not needed.  There is no wrong.  We are simply different.

Understanding this Principle is the beginning of Living in Peace – both within ourselves and within our world.

OneTrueWisdom encourages us to focus more on our shared commonalities and less on where there are differences – whether we’re referring to spiritual teachings or looking at the greater picture of humanity and the whole of life itself.

Because when we do… we are sure to find the One, True Wisdom that Connects us all.

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