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​Although there are many paths, there is simply One, True Wisdom

which Connects us all and has Always Been.​​​

What Makes the Books of OneTrueWisdom Different

The Spiral Design: A New Spiritual Teaching ​System

The Books of OneTrueWisdom ​use a new Spiritual Teaching ​System called ​The Spiral Design​ to make true life change and meaningful Spiritual Enlightenment easier than ever before and fully accessible to all.

Works for All Levels of Spiritualists

​Equally useful for beginners and seasoned spiritualists alike, the Books of OneTrueWisdom are an easy to understand, easy to follow, versatile and self-guiding path to Awakening, Enlightenment and Oneness.

​Individualized to Let You Move at Your Own Pace

​​With the help of The Spiral Design, each individual is able to move at their own pace and either go as deep or as shallow into the Waters of Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment as they choose.

No matter who you are, or what your experience has been so far, or how much (or how little) time you have to devote to a spiritual practice or to improving your life experience... Understand that you have been Guided to OneTrueWisdom for a Reason.

​Who the Books of OneTrueWisdom Benefit...

  • ​​anyone who has little ​Time or Energy for a Spiritual Practice but ​is Still Interested in Spiritual Growth
  • ​those Looking for an Easy to Follow System for ​Enlightenment, healing, self-empowerment & True Life Change
  • ​those who are New to the Spiritual Path
  • ​seasoned spiritualists seeking a New Tool to complement ​their Current Spiritual Practice
  • ​those who are on the Spiritual Path & Looking for Clearer, More Straight-Forward Explanations
  • ​as the Series are released, those who are looking to go even Deeper

Curious about why OneTrueWisdom uses capitalization in unexpected places?  Read About the Use of Capitalization.

What the Books of OneTrueWisdom Provide

An Easy, Sensible & ​Down-To-Earth Practice For:

​​creating ​lasting​ happiness​​​​​​

Understanding our lives, ourselves and everything happening around us

Providing an immediate sense of Peace plus feelings of being Uplifted & Supported on days when we're struggling

Transforming what we're living now into the life we Desire in our Heart

Increasing our understanding of the Divine, how Life works & why it unfolds as it does

Overcoming past or present circumstances & beliefs that may be holding us back or keeping us from the Peace & Happiness we deserve

You May Also Like the Books of OneTrueWisdom If You...

  • ​​are looking for a structured yet flexible Practice that's enjoyable & easy to stick with
  • ​​find conventional books overwhelming or too time consuming to finish
  • ​​need help, answers or change - ​right now!
  • ​​live with frequent distractions or other attention span challenges
  • ​​find it difficult to meditate but ​are still interested in the benefits spiritual awareness brings
  • ​​find the words of other spiritual practices challenging to understand, hard to relate to or seemingly without meaning

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