Today’s Wisdom: Genuine Support vs. Dysfunctional Support

Shining Light 02

There is genuine unconditional support, and then there is dysfunctional support which is rooted in feelings of insecurity and a need for seeking validation. It may look like support on the outside, but if it’s coming from a dysfunctional place, it’s the subtle manipulation of “giving to receive.”

Today’s Wisdom: Accept the Best of Your Parents and Let Go of the Rest

Shining Light 10

Parents do the best job they can in raising their children given what they know based on the Life experience they’ve had. Had they known differently they would have raised us differently.

Today’s Wisdom: When Feeling at Your Lowest, Ask God for a Change in Perception

Above the Clouds 09

Feeling unloved, unwanted or unnecessary is an indication that we have fallen into the need for outward validation (that is, validation from others). What we need is a change in perception and to self-validate by choosing to know and Remember that we come from God, and that we are Good and we deserve Good. Whenever we are feeling low or “off” or bad about ourselves, simply Ask God for a change in Perception.


Today’s Wisdom: “Not Having” Is an Expression of Fear…Let It Go and Choose to Receive

Shining Light 24

The experience of Unhappiness is linked to a belief in “not having what we need.” And not having what we need comes from either not Asking for it or from Resisting it being given to us (in other words, not receiving it). When we’ve lived a pattern of Not Having, it takes courage to be New and to choose to Ask and Receive. Let go of the fear of Asking for what is needed and the the fear of allowing yourself to Receive it (and to receive Good and to receive God’s Love). Realize you are worth Loving and that you deserve every bit of God’s Love, and Good, and Grace, and true Happiness.


Today’s Wisdom: Choose to Be God’s Love

Shining Light 19

In every moment we have free will and the choice of who and how we will Be. We can either choose to be Fear, or we can choose to be Love. And what we choose to be is Reflected in (and as) our experience of Life. Are you choosing to be Love and all that it is, or are you choosing to be Fear? Choose to live Life as one of the many expressions of Love – joy, happiness, support, fun, acceptance, achievement, etc. – instead of living Life as one of the many expressions of Fear – pain, unhappiness, worry, defeat, victim, “less than,” not good enough, not worth having, undeserving, etc. Simply know it in your Heart. Exhale. And Ask to be Love. Ask for “being Love.”


Today’s Wisdom: The Grace in New Beginnings and in Being New

Shining Light 22

Whether we’re letting go of old habits, starting New habits or transforming our lives with New Programming, remember that we are walking on New legs. It’s okay to take it slow. It’s okay to be Gentle with yourself.


Today’s Wisdom: Don’t Get Overwhelmed, Take It One Step at a Time

Shining Light 15

When we begin to take an inventory of the areas in our Life we are looking to make New, it can sometimes get a little overwhelming and we may not know where to start. In these instances it is helpful to make a list of what needs cleaning up in our world and then categorize this list by “most crucial,” “somewhat crucial,” and “least crucial.” This frees us to focus on just the most crucial matters in this moment, and where we need to, Ask God for help and to show us the way.


Today’s Wisdom: Making Peace with the Past and Moving Forward

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Accept your past and know that you are not that person anymore. Let yourself be New. Let it all go and start again in this moment.


Today’s Wisdom: Allow It To Take The Time It Needs To Take

sunbeams 04 Certain things in Life are worth the investment of our time. Let go of the “quick fix” mentality. Some things take time to build. Start the journey.


Today’s Wisdom: Accepting The Past and Creating “New” in the Now

Shining Light 07We can not change who we were, but we can change who we are now and therefore who we will become. It can be a mental and emotional habit to hold on to “who and how we were” or “how it’s always been,” and it leads to believing ourselves to be stuck in a Life that we feel powerless to change. But this is only because our thoughts about Life and ourselves are stuck in and attached to the past, which means we are literally “living in the past.” But by realizing the past is just history and no longer matters, like a collection of old movies we are no longer interested in or choose to watch, we free ourselves from what has been and are able bring our Awareness to the present moment where we are truly empowered to be New and create real change.