New Book to Be Released in 2017

We are happy to announce Daily Wisdom, Daily Insight ~ Book 1 ~

will be released this year!

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Today’s Wisdom: Don’t Look Back, Move Forward Instead

Above the Clouds 09

When there’s something we need to let go of, when there’s something we’ve lost or screwed up, or we can’t go back or get back to where we were no matter how hard we try, instead of trying to “get it back,” start New instead. Rather than focusing and obsessing on what was lost, start New, start over fresh.

Today’s Wisdom: Live in the Support of Life

Shining Light 19

Stop trying so hard and allow Life to support you. Not to be confused with being lazy or living like a parasite on the backs of others, what this means is to truly LIVE in the support of Life, like flowers living in the support of the Sun.


Today’s Wisdom: Being You Is the Best You You Can Be

sun 1

It is not necessary to try to fit in where we don’t belong. Choose your path, not what others believe is best, and not the pain and unhappiness that has already been. Ask for the courage to release yourself from the fear of being New and the fear of stepping in a New direction. Let it all go, and Live New.


Today’s Wisdom: Allowing True Happiness to Be

Above the Clouds 02

Allow yourself to be happy. Just simply allow it. When we’ve lived so long without knowing true happiness, when we’ve lived so long simply being “unhappy,” it’s because there is part of us that is very subtly (or perhaps not so subtly) resisting “happiness.” And if we are Resisting, we can not be Receiving. So if we are unhappy it’s because we’re resisting, instead of receiving, “being happy.”


Today’s Wisdom: Give Yourself Permission to Be New

Shining Light 05

Allow the past to be over. Let it go and allow it to be behind you. Don’t look back. Start over and move forward. Allow yourself to be New.

Today’s Wisdom: Light Brings Clarity and Wisdom and Healing

Shining Light 15

Shadows create illusions. It’s time we stop fumbling around in the Dark and simply turn on the Light.

Today’s Wisdom: Genuine Support vs. Dysfunctional Support

Shining Light 02

There is genuine unconditional support, and then there is dysfunctional support which is rooted in feelings of insecurity and a need for seeking validation. It may look like support on the outside, but if it’s coming from a dysfunctional place, it’s the subtle manipulation of “giving to receive.”

Today’s Wisdom: Accept the Best of Your Parents and Let Go of the Rest

Shining Light 10

Parents do the best job they can in raising their children given what they know based on the Life experience they’ve had. Had they known differently they would have raised us differently.

Today’s Wisdom: When Feeling at Your Lowest, Ask God for a Change in Perception

Above the Clouds 09

Feeling unloved, unwanted or unnecessary is an indication that we have fallen into the need for outward validation (that is, validation from others). What we need is a change in perception and to self-validate by choosing to know and Remember that we come from God, and that we are Good and we deserve Good. Whenever we are feeling low or “off” or bad about ourselves, simply Ask God for a change in Perception.